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Operational Medical Directors Committee

The Operational Medical Directors (OMD) committee promotes optimal and consistent prehospital patient care throughout the region. This is accomplished by establishment and maintenance of regional patient care protocols, training guidelines, quality improvement programs and other policies, plans and practices utilized by or between EMS agencies and hospitals when the committee determines that regional approaches will help ensure optimal and consistent patient care. Members try to address relevant EMS physician responsibilities delineated in the Virginia Regulations Governing Emergency Medical Services using the combined strength of the committee, EMS agency leadership and council staff. Decisions are made by majority vote but compromise and consensus are expected methods used to arrive at decisions which neither oppress the minority nor sacrifice quality patient care.
Job Description:
1.Consider and adopt regional medical protocols and medication, supplies and equipment lists.
2.Consider and adopt EMS educational program guidelines, regional completion criteria, regional clinical and preceptor policy and related policies and guidelines.
3.Consider and adopt other regional policies or plans (such as ambulance diversion, ambulance restocking, IV and drug box, mass casualty, communications, etc) and EMS technician qualifications which the committee determines to be in the best interest of the regional EMS system or are required by the Virginia Office of EMS.
4.Seek standardization of protocols and medications, and, as appropriate, plans, policies and processes within the region and with the neighboring Peninsulas EMS region.
5.Sponsor and support ongoing local and regional EMS quality improvement programs.
6.Promote laws and policies that sustain and improve the EMS system and result in injury and illness prevention.
7.Promote and provide liaison with medical care facilities, emergency departments, emergency physicians, allied health personnel, law enforcement, fire protection and dispatch agencies.
8.Seek to resolve conflicts as they arise between local EMS agencies and their operational medical directors.
9.Consider EMS physician applications for endorsement.

Membership: Voting membership comprises each EMS Physician currently endorsed by the Virginia Office of EMS and serving as an Operational Medical Director or Physician Course Director for any EMS agency within the region, a physician representative of designated Level I and Level II trauma centers, a physician representative of specialized neonatal/pediatric critical care and the Regional Medical Director, if not already a member. Membership will also include, in a non-voting capacity, a senior EMS agency representative, an emergency department nurse manager, and a TEMS board member, if not already a member. Other individuals are also invited to participate in committee deliberations without a vote. The Regional Medical Director (RMD) serves a chair of the committee. At RMD renewal, the committee may make recommendations for individual to serve as the RMD.

Meetings: The committee will meet four times each year at times and locations agreed upon by a majority of voting members, or more often at the discretion of the chair or upon request of one-quarter of its voting members.

Adopted, Board of Directors, April 29, 2004

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