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Tidewater EMS Council, Inc.

Eastern Shore EMS Council

The Eastern Shore EMS Council is a standing committee of the board representing the emergency medical, hospital and physician leadership within Accomack and Northampton Counties. The Council functions similarly to and cooperatively with the EMS Medical Operations Committee, with a focus on issues of relevance to the EMS agencies and hospital serving the Eastern Shore of Virginia localities. The Council promotes communication and cooperation among the members of the EMS community and with system partners such as emergency physicians, emergency nurses, critical care personnel, hospital pharmacists, hospital administrators and public health. The Council provides general sub-regional coordination and collaboration using compromise and consensus which neither oppress the minority nor sacrifice delivery of quality patient care. When issues cross boundaries within the entire Tidewater EMS region, the Eastern Shore EMS Council and the Medical Operations Committee will seek cross participation as necessary to ensure regionwide coordination and collaboration. A similar approach will help address issues which cross state boundaries. The Council may create subcommittees, task forces and work groups as necessary to accomplish its job.
Job Description:
1.Ensure available, high quality emergency medical services for all residents and visitors without regard for the ability of a patient to pay for such services.
2.Evaluate and coordinate EMS educational programs ensuring adequate instruction and resources to meet the needs of EMS providers. Support collaborative educational relationships.
3.Create, evaluate and revise from time to time sub-regional policies or plans (such as infection control policies) which the Council determines to be in the best interest of the sub-regional EMS system or are required by the Virginia Office of EMS for the effective and coordinated delivery of patient care. Submit policies for consideration by the regional operational medical directors committee if the policy is patient care related.
4.Review and provide grades and comments on Virginia EMS grant requests submitted by Eastern Shore EMS agencies (planning district 22).
5.Support EMS provider recruitment and retention programs and EMS public awareness programs.
6.Maintain EMS provider access to and coordinated response of a critical incident stress management team.
7.Seek standardization of protocols and medications, and, as appropriate, plans, policies and processes within the region.
8.Promote a central communications system. Monitor EMS communications effectiveness and plan improvements as necessary to ensure the ability of all EMS vehicles to communicate with each other and with each hospital. Support the emergency medical dispatch program.
9.Sponsor and support ongoing local and sub-regional EMS quality improvement programs.
10.Ensure that the EMS system is prepared to effectively handle mass casualties using structured incident command; standardized approaches to triage, treatment and transportation; robust caches of supplies and equipment; and effective mutual aid.
11.Promote laws and policies that sustain and improve the EMS system and result in injury and illness prevention.

Membership: The voting membership will consist of one appointed EMS representative from each BLS and ALS licensed EMS agency; the hospital administrator; an emergency department physician, a chief executive of nursing, an emergency department nurse, and 2 at-large hospital staff members all appointed by the hospital administrator, the emergency services coordinator of each county; and an at-large physician and two at-large members of the general public all elected by the council. A member may be represented by an alternate who will possess the member’s authority to represent the
jurisdiction or organization. Agency and hospital representatives continue until replaced by their organization or locality. At-large members are elected annually at an annual meeting.

Other individuals are invited to participate in Council deliberations without a vote.

A Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer are elected at an annual meeting of the Council every even year. Member, officer duties, quorum and other membership matters will be delineated in bylaws adopted by two-thirds vote of the Council.

Meetings: The Council will meet at least four times each year at times and locations agreed upon by a majority of voting members, or more often at the discretion of the chair or upon request of five of its voting members.

Adopted, Board of Directors, April 29, 2004

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