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ALS Sanctioning Boards are typically held in person either at the TEMS Office or the training center of the candidate’s agency.  The TEMS representative, the agency training staff, and the OMD meet before boards to discuss how they’d like to conduct the boards (how many rhythms to cover, types of questions to ask, etc.).  During the board examination, the candidate and evaluators will typically sit at a table where the board materials (rhythm, evaluation sheets, etc.) are spread out in front of evaluators and the candidate.  There is no set time limit or recommended minimum time for boards.  After the candidate’s examination, the candidate is sent out of the room so that the evaluators can discuss their performance.  Once that has concluded the candidate is brought back in to be given the results of their boards.  If the candidate is successful in passing boards, TEMS will send out the Sanctioning Certificate to the candidate within 24 hours via email. 

If boards cannot be held in the typical fashion (pandemic) TEMS and the candidate’s agency will make arrangements to host boards in a manner that meets requirements established by the CDC and the health department.  Options include hosting the boards via video conference or a similar platform, or meeting in person in a large enough room that appropriate distancing can be maintained between all parties. 

If hosted via video conference, TEMS will email over the required documents to be signed by the candidate and the OMD. Rhythm strips may be provided by the agency or TEMS will email over a set that will need to be print before the date of the boards. The scenarios can be conducted as usual.  Once the candidate has completed the exam the OMD will sign the forms and the agency need to email back the completed forms. *The process will not be completed until the forms have been received by TEMS. If the candidate is successful, the certificate will be sent out like normal.

If held in person, all individuals present will be required to wear a mask and maintain at least 6 feet between everyone.  Boards will continue as normal in this scenario. 

It should be noted that holding boards in person during this time is not ideal or recommended.  Video conferencing is the preferred method.  In-person boards are only to be used if video conferencing is not available.

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