Saturday, 5 December 2020

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TEMS has received 2 updates from the pharmacy.


1.            The usual handheld nebulizer product that Sentara puts in the TEMS boxes (Misty Max10) has been discontinued.  It is being replaced by Curaplex nebulizer.   Here is a link for the replacement product,-handheld-nebulizers-group-29301-3739.aspx?search=301-20

See SBAR below (also has a picture of the new product).

2.            There is a supply issue with the Glucagon Prepackaged kits.  This prepackaged box “kit” from the manufacturer has both the 1mg of glucagon + 1mL of sterile water inside.  These are currently unavailable until mid-December. 

The Plan: You may find the TEMS boxes to have been substituted with a pharmacy made “kit/bag” that has a 1mg vial of glucagon + 10mL vial SWFI along with instructions to mix glucagon with 1mL SWFI.  Not a big change – but in case the providers are used to looking for that glucagon “box”. 

See SBAR below.

Please pass along to all field providers.

pdf 20201119 TEMS SBAR glucagon supply interruption (53 KB)

pdf 20201116 SBAR NEB Replacement (262 KB)

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