Friday, 26 May 2017


The HRMCIRG contents include:
  • * Multiple and Mass Casualty Incident Management
  • * Triage, Treatment, Transport and Patient Tracking
  • * Communications
  • * Air Operations
  • * Demobilization, Evaluation and Post-Incident Activities
  • * Multiple/Mass Casualty Training and Exercises
  • * Emergency Communications Directory
  • * Local, Regional, State and Federal MCI Resources
  • * Prehosital Position Checklists
  • * Prehospital and Hospital Patient Management Forms
  • * Driving Directions to Hospitals and more...
PREHOSPITAL POITION CHECKLISTS: We recommend that EMS Agencys print out Annex C: Prehospital Position Checklists for the multi-casualty branch/group positions if your agency does not have their own version of the checklists and forms. ICS forms such as the Multi-Casualty Branch Worksheet form (ICS-305) and the Mass Casualty Incident Patient Tracking Form (ICS-306) form are also included with the position checklists. These position checklists are commonly located in command vehicles, EMS supervisor vehicles, MCI trailers, etc.  The Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Response System will replace the checklists located in the Disaster Medical Support Units (DMSU) and Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (HRMMST) trailers during routine invemtory and maintenance.
POCKET GUIDES: We are currently drafting the 2017 Hampton Roads MCI Pocket Guide. The availability and distribution of the MCI Pocket Guides will be announced in the RESPONSE Newsletter. So stay tuned and please sign up for the RESPONSE if you have not already done so. Suscribe at: RESPONSE Newsletter.
TO REQUEST A COPY: Contact Ms. Judy Shuck, the Regional Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at (757) 963-0632 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request an electronic copy of the MCI Guide. 
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