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winnersDuring a beautiful afternoon at Harbor Park in Norfolk on June 4, 2017, the Tidewater EMS Council presented eight regional EMS awards and a special lifetime achievement award. The awards presentation was part of the council's annual EMS family day at the ballpark attended by some 650 responders, dispatchers, emergency department staff and their families.

The council's highest award, the R. C. Dailey Award for Excellence in EMS, was presented to Bruce W. Edwards, retired EMS chief for the Virginia Beach Department of EMS. Edwards was praised for many "firsts" in his city, the region and in the state which included building and improving the largest volunteer rescue squad system in the country, serving multiple terms on the Tidewater EMS Council Board of Directors and its executive committee, serving multiple terms on the Virginia EMS Advisory Board and chair of its communications committee, and serving as the first EMS representative to the Virginia Board of Health and elected to serve as its chair.

Other award recipients were:

Outstanding Public Safety Telecommunications Dispatcher Award - Lisa M. Duval, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, Emergency Management

James M. Wagenbach Outstanding Pre-Hospital Educator Award - Amber Leigh Jensen, Tidewater Community College

Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health and Safety Award - J. Scott Clifford, Chesapeake Fire Department

Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award - Christopher W. Roberts, Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital

Bruce W. Edwards Outstanding EMS Administrator Award - Forrest G. Winslow, Chesapeake Fire Department

Outstanding Pre-Hospital EMS Provider Award - Jason E. Lombard, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Fire and Emergency Services

Outstanding EMS Agency Award - Chesapeake Fire Department

Lifetime Achievement Award - Willie "Melvin" Smith, Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad

All of the regional EMS award winners (not including the lifetime achievement award) will become nominees in similar categories for the Governors EMS Awards program. Winners of the Governor's awards will be announced November 9, 2017 during the Virginia EMS Symposium in Norfolk.

The council thanks its Platinum Partner, Sentara Southside Hospitals and Gold Partner, Bon Secours Hampton Roads as well as the Virginia Office of EMS, the Norfolk Tides Baseball Club and Norfolk Fire-Rescue for its sponsorship and support of this year's EMS family day at the ballpark and awards presentation.

Excerpt from the TEMS 2017 awards presentations listing all nominees with brief description of the award recipients:

Our first award exemplifies the best in EMS dispatching - The Outstanding Public Safety Telecommunications Dispatcher Award.
This person supports and utilizes emergency medical dispatch techniques, clearly communicates with responders, and works above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the patient receives the best care possible in the quickest means possible. Nominees for this category are: Lisa Duvall with Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Emergency Management and Stephanie Morgan with the City of Chesapeake. This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Safety Telecommunications Dispatcher was one of the first two dispatch supervisors hired by the Navy in 2015 to stand up a brand new, state of the art, consolidated Regional Dispatch Center that will eventually dispatch for the entire 10-state operating area. She has been involved in all aspects of the task including protocol development; hiring personnel; Computer Aided Dispatch system programming; training new dispatchers, call takers, and supervisors; policy development; quality improvement; developing the tactical channel management plan; and developing fire and EMS response plans. She is described as someone who exemplifies the pride, dedication and strong work ethic necessary to succeed in the field of emergency communications. Congratulations to this year's Outstanding Public Safety Telecommunications Dispatcher: Lisa Duval with Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, Emergency Management.

The James M. Wagenbach Outstanding Pre-Hospital Educator Award honors an emergency medical services instructor who exemplifies outstanding teaching and leadership qualities and who demonstrates a dedication to the education of pre-hospital providers. Nominees for this category are: Amber- Leigh Jensen with Tidewater Community College, Jason Kinlaw with Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, and Brian McIntosh with Chesapeake Fire Department. This year’s winner has been an educator with Tidewater Community College for over 10 years and has worked as a lab instructor, adjunct instructor, and now serves as an Associate Professor. She has taken leadership roles in TCC's creation of the new National Paramedic Psychomotor Competency Portfolio, working with educators from across the state to develop a model for this region. She also continues to develop the assessment structure for future courses that best aligns with national standards. This educator’s work ensures the program remains one of the top-performing programs across the nation with consistent high pass rates on state and national certification exams. Her last four paramedic courses boast a 90% and above first attempt pass rate on the psychomotor exam and a 100% cumulative cognitive exam pass rate. Additionally, her work allowed TCC to be one of the few programs in the country to fully pilot-test the Paramedic Psychomotor Competency Portfolio through an entire paramedic program.
Congratulations to this year's Outstanding Pre-hospital Educator Award winner Amber- Leigh Jensen with Tidewater Community College.

The next award is given for Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health and Safety to any individual, program, business or licensed EMS agency within the region that has demonstrated comprehensive and significant accomplishments or contributions to EMS provider health, safety and welfare.
This year’s winner has forged two programs that require recognition: The Cancer Prevention Program and the Health & Wellness Initiative. Both of these programs are focused on protecting and improving the quality of life for our fire and EMS providers, and actively work to reduce the incidence of preventable cancers, medical issues, and obesity which in turn increases the overall wellness and efficiency. The winner in this category has a goal for every member of his department to complete their career in a condition where they can actually enjoy their retirement rather than focus on debilitating or life-ending illness.
His programs have reduced the potential preventable spread of carcinogens through additional deployment of protective gear and provided a guided program that you actually want to do because the end-goal is personal betterment rather than the standard department "requirement".
Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health and Safety Award, Captain Scott Clifford of the Chesapeake Fire Department.

The Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS award recognizes outstanding dedication and service in the field of nursing, knowledge and performance of EMS nursing skills, and cooperative, positive interaction with other EMS personnel. Our nominees this year are: Amy Lutz- Sexton with Sentara Virginia Beach Emergency Department, Chris Roberts with Sentara Virginia Beach Emergency Department, Erica Green with Sentara Princess Anne Emergency Department, and Amy Smith-Peard with Sentara Healthcare.
The winner in this category has been active with EMS for over 10 years and fosters emergency department/EMS relationships to provide care to the community. He uniquely understands the mission for EMS and supports this within his emergency department ensuring staff minimize the time EMS needs to wait for patient turnover. An advocate for EMS and the community, he is behind the creation of a Mass Casualty Bus for the Sentara. He also was vital to the development of the Regional Mobile Command Center supported by Sentara Virginia Beach and the Eastern Virginia Healthcare Coalition. He is active as the Chair for the Tidewater Nurse Managers and is a member of the Tidewater EMS Medical Operations Committee. Often he refers back to his prior training and the TEMS policies and protocols when working on ED specific policies to ensure they complement and support each other. This year’s winner is active in teaching new nurses to have an appreciation for EMS providers, helped ensure 12 lead EKGs were placed on EMS vehicles, and supported the initiatives for blood draws from the field for Stroke patients. Please join me in congratulating this year's Outstanding Emergency Nurse Award recipient Chris Roberts with Sentara Virginia Beach Emergency Department.

The Bruce W. Edwards Outstanding EMS Administrator Award recognizes outstanding leadership and management qualities for EMS personnel who have supervisory or administrative duties. Nominated for this award are: Brian Carroll with Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad; Travis Smith with Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad; Matt Charadia with the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad; Forrest Winslow with Chesapeake Fire Department; Anthony Sickell with Navy Fire; and John Greer with Accomack County Dept. of Public Safety
This year’s Outstanding EMS Administrator award recipient instead of limiting his role to data acquisition and analysis, has spearheaded several programs and projects focusing on patient care. These are: The American Heart Association ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction Accelerator project in collaboration with the American Heart Association and Duke University Medical School. A spin-off of this project led him down the path of researching, developing, and implementing the AHA Resuscitation Collaboration as well and the Pulse Point Cardiac Arrest notification app for bystander CPR. This application is now under review for use by other departments throughout the Tidewater EMS region. The direct result of the Pulse Point notification application is formation of the Lay-person hands-only CPR training for every department in the City of Chesapeake and has directly resulted in the reduced time for bystander CPR in public venues to only a few minutes because of the size and geographical deployment of city employees. Last but not least he has spearheaded creation of the Communities of Faith AED/CPR Project providing CPR training to houses of worship and the installation of an AED in facilities that meet CPR training guidelines with their congregation at NO cost to the church/house of worship. Congratulations to this year's Outstanding EMS Administrator, Lieutenant Forrest Winslow of Chesapeake Fire Department.

Next we would like to introduce you to our Outstanding Pre-Hospital EMS Provider. This person is characterized as one who exemplifies outstanding dedication and service to their community as a field provider. Nominees for this award are: Waitsel Kelley with Chesapeake Fire Department; Emil Majetich Jr. with Portsmouth Fire Rescue and Emergency Services; Hailey Reed with Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad; Caleb Fields with Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad; and Jason Lombard with Navy Region Mid Atlantic Fire and Emergency Services. This year’s winner is a highly motivated individual who displays a great work ethic and attitude towards any task assigned. He has been a strong instructor/advocate for excellent customer services and care. His quality of work sets a high standard among the personnel - all assignment are done in a timely manner because of his dedication and wiliness to help. He teaches several EMS courses ranging from 12-lead EKG set up, Mass Casualties and triage. He has been awarded with four lifesaving awards from Navy Region Mid Atlantic Fire and Emergency Services. He has received several letters of Appreciation for Advanced and Basic Lifesaving support.
One of those letters was from the City of Norfolk for assisting in a large scale relocation of senior citizens living in a nurse home due to severe heat conditions.
He has been the EMS Branch supervisor on several large scale multi-agency mass causality drills, and along with another paramedic, is working on the establishment and the operation of his department’s Critical Incident Stress Management program. This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Pre-hospital EMS Provider Award provides daily a great work environment, expertise and performances above the normal duties of a firefighter or paramedic. Join me in congratulating this year’s winner for Outstanding Pre-Hospital Provider Award: Firefighter-Medic Jason Lombard with Navy Region Mid Atlantic Fire and Emergency Services.

The Outstanding EMS Agency award is presented to an agency which exemplifies outstanding professionalism and service to its community; whose high level of patient care is evident by training programs, community awareness programs, preventative health programs and participation in local, regional and statewide EMS systems. Nominees for this category are: Virginia Beach Department of EMS, Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad and Chesapeake Fire Department. The agency selected as this year’s Outstanding EMS Agency exemplifies outstanding service and professionalism during every aspect of its interaction with the community. You’ve already heard about many of its accomplishments through the individual awards - This agency has often been the first in the region to implement new ideas and procedures in the field of EMS. Currently the agency provides illness and injury prevention programs like: Fall and Fire Prevention Programs. The program is directly related to the NFPA “Remembering When” Program that geared toward education of the senior population and provides the installation of smoke detectors, CO detectors, night-lights, and giveaways such as oven mitts for burn prevention. In the STEMI Alert program the agency has achieved 94% compliance with field to hospital ECG transmissions to receiving hospitals, and consistently transmitting ECG’s within 10 minutes of patient contact; In 2016 were awarded the American Heart Association Mission Lifeline Sliver Recognition Award and in 2017 was awarded the AHA Mission Lifeline Gold Plus Award. In the CPR Outcomes Recent data shows a nearly doubled number of sudden cardiac arrest patients that are discharged from the hospital neurologically intact. Among the accomplishments of this Department are also the launch of PulsePoint, a program alerting participants via smartphone of a nearby possible cardiac emergency, and the location of the closest AED; implementation of Stroke and Sepsis programs; and a Cancer Prevention Program and the Health & Wellness Initiative. Please join me in congratulating Chesapeake Fire Department, our 2017 Outstanding EMS Agency.

The R.C. Dailey Award for Excellence in Emergency Medical Services was established in honor of long time Tidewater EMS Council Associate Executive Director R.C. “Flash” Dailey to recognize an individual who exemplifies outstanding dedication and services to the local, regional or state EMS system and who has demonstrated a commitment to a comprehensive, integrated EMS system. The nominees for this prestigious award are: Matthew Chiaradia with Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, John Doub with Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, Bruce Edwards with Virginia Beach EMS, Kevin Holloway with Chincoteague EMS and Willie Melvin Smith with Nansemond Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad. This Year’s winner’s career is filled with many “firsts” for EMS. He was the Executive Director from 1973 to 1975 of the federally funded Emergency Coronary Care Program (ECCP) in Virginia Beach the first all-volunteer program of its kind in the United States. He was appointed as the Virginia Beach EMS department’s first Director. He had the daunting responsibility of creating rules, regulations and policies consistent within City Government guidelines and ensuring the volunteer rescue squads remained as the main force for the delivery of emergency patient care.
In 2004 he successfully led the organization through a significant change with the strengthening the volunteer base and hiring career medics. Virginia Beach EMS became a model agency for others about how to bring on career personnel without eliminating the valuable volunteer base. Upon retiring in 2016 he was the Chief of a bigger, better and stronger volunteer-based EMS System in Virginia Beach. This individual’s wisdom and experience have been shared regionally and stateside. A few examples to his credit for the improvement of EMS and pre-hospital care in the Commonwealth are:
• Two appointments to the Governor’s EMS Advisory Board and a member of its executive committee
• Past Chair of the State EMS Communications Committee
• Board member and Executive Committee member of Tidewater Emergency Medical Services Council
• Charter Member and Life Member of the Virginia Association of Governmental EMS Administrators
• Member of the Board of Governors of the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads
• And finally, this individual was the first person to be appointed to the newly created EMS seat on the Virginia Board of Health, and was elected as Chair the Virginia Board of Health.
His impact is evident in many places in Virginia and across the country through publications and consulting and has been on the forefront of several advanced initiatives.
Now retired, he was named Chief Emeritus of the Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Service and remains an active paramedic.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to this year’s recipient of the R. C. Dailey Award for Excellence in EMS: Bruce W. Edwards, Virginia Beach EMS

This year the Tidewater EMS Council has a special award - The lifetime achievement award. This year it is given to someone who dedicated 56 years of his life to the service of his fellow man. He was a key part of the EMS system in Suffolk - always present and involved in the Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad. He serves for 20 years as the squad’s president and he was one of the first advanced life support providers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. There was never a job he would not do and never a volunteer he could not pull into an extra job or duty. His associates say of him: “He was our rock”. Others would come and go, take time off for family or a career but he was always there. Ladies and gentlemen this year’s special Lifetime achievement award is given posthumously to the family of Willie “Melvin” Smith of Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad.

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